CDR v23.2 System Software

July 13, 2023 - Bosch released CDR Tool Software Version 23.2

*Refer to the CDR Software Help File for supported vehicles

IMPORTANT: Installing a CDR version of 3.6 or later over an existing version of CDR software will cause the CDR program to operate as a CDR file reader only, unless the software can be activated using an Activation Certificate. Activation Certificates will only be available to current CDR software subscribers.

If users do not have a means to reinstall a prior version of CDR software, Bosch does not recommend installing a CDR version of 3.6 or later on a computer over a previous version until they receive their Activation Certificates

Package icon (NEW)_CDR23.2_Setup.zipPackage icon CDR CANplus_USBtoSerial_Driver_Installer.zipPackage icon CDR23.2.1Setup_patch.zipPDF icon CDR Software Installation ManualPDF icon v23.2 Software Release DetailsPDF icon v23.2 Supported Vehicle ListPDF icon v23.2 Hardware Checklist