HPT 500 High Pressure Leak Tester

HPT 500

A cost-effective, safe alternative that will change standard practices for heavy duty preventive maintenance and repair

The Problem with Diagnosing Intake and Exhaust Leaks
Excessive DPF maintenance is often caused by upstream component faults. Troublesome intake and exhaust leaks are commonly diagnosed with outdated and inefficient equipment and methods. These methods are time consuming, dirty, and frequently result in replacement of the wrong components. Low pressure testers, soapy water, and supersonic listening devices can cause revenue generating trucks to spend unnecessary days in the repair facility, out of service.

The Solution
Bosch is addressing these problems with a new, cost-effective, and safe alternative that will change standard practices for heavy duty preventive maintenance and repair. The HPT 500 uses regular compressed air to reach and maintain a variable pressure of 2 to 20 psi throughout the vehicle’s intake and exhaust system. Compressed air mixed with a visual vapor is forced into the system, simulating the load of a running engine: both naturally aspirated and forced induction (turbo and supercharged). Many upstream leaks will only appear under these boosted pressures. The dense, highly visible vapor flows throughout the truck’s hoses, tubes and related components and escapes anywhere there is a leak, pinpointing the exact location of the problem. Retest after repair to confirm the vehicle is fixed right the first time, eliminating comebacks and cutting parts costs.


  • Produces leak detection "smoke" at higher pressure than standard machines (up to 20psi) for higher pressure systems
  • Higher flow rate fills the system with smoke up to 5 times faster
  • Ideal for finding leaks in exhaust after-treatment systems
  • Test entire system, from intake to exhaust, in one 15 minute test
  • High-pressure and large volume systems found in heavy-duty truck and turbocharged passenger vehicles